Websites, Blogsites, oh my! was started in September 2009 while I was teaching at Yale Secondary.   Since that time my website has been Goomla, WordPress, and now Google Sites.

The reason for this site is to test to see which is best for my purpose.  Is there one “get myself out there website” that is best?  Well that depends.  Depends on a number factors from how digitally literate are you (not being condescending by the way), how much work you want to put into posting and what are you reasons for posting.  Blogging is a good reason to have a “website” as it can be a public facing journal about something you are learning.  There are many reasons people blog which can be found at
Website you ask?  Are you needing a place to post information that other will need to see, for example, as classroom teacher having a class website?  This can be informative but not very dynamic.  You could post blog entries on to a website, like I’m doing right now.  This can make your site more dynamic as the information has a more up-to-date feel but not necessarily needing to edit pages.  Blog post can be posted via email which makes blogging possible from wherever, whenever.
Ultimately your digital footprint is being affected by your online actions.  So, choose wisely in what you post and how you post.
Stay safe.
Carpenter out!
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