How I make my Teacher Log – December 16, 2016 Day 72

#12daystwitter #sd34learn @mrdennisneufeld This is how I make my Teacher Log everyday.

Tools and Technology used for this process:

  • Adobe Spark Post (IOS App on iPhone 6)
  • Resident Camera App (IOS) on iPhone 6
  • iMovie (IOS) on iPhone 6
  • Youtube in the Chrome web browser on my PC laptop
  • Google Photo App (IOS on iPhone 6 and webapp on PC laptop)
  • WordPress for my website

This is a melody of useful apps that I have found as a way to post a daily video log.  There may be a better way to do what I am wanting to do, but this is the way I’m doing it.  If someone has a suggestion, I’m open to it.  Contact me at if you would like please.

Merry Christmas!