Google Quizzes? Yup, saw it today! A game changer


Google Forms is the Googles app for taking a survey of your students or some other community.  Forms are great for collecting information and then allow data analysis to occur in a Google Sheet.  Once in the Google Sheet you could use an Add-on like Flubaroo to have the survey turn into a quiz.  This is kind of a tedious process which can return  a mark to the student from an “Google Quiz”.  I’ve been saying to my collegues for a while, “wait for it, wait for it” and Google may develop Google Quiz.

I saw it today when looking at the Settings on a Google Form which I was not intending to be quiz, but there it was… like a new born babe… in the wilderness – GENERAL   PRESENATION   QUIZZES.  Okay, back to reality.  So I finished my work then came back to it to see what this feature could do.  Sure enough, it allows you to take that survey and with certain question types (typically multiple choice) it can become a quiz.



After some quick research, since I had my revelation earlier today, I learned the following:  “At ISTE 2016 Google announced that Forms will now natively support the grading of online assessments without the need of an add-on such as Flubaroo. What does this mean for all the schools who have been using Flubaroo for years? Does it still have a place? Do these new features make it obsolete?” (, June 27, 2016).  The article “New Google Forms Quiz Feature vs Flubaroo” found on outlines this new quiz feature Google just released.  I’m not going to get into it but refer you to their article.


I’m not at ISTE so I’m glad I stumbled upon this while on a Google Offroad (more on offroading in another blog).  But I bet that @ericcurts is.

Google On!

Carpenter out!